7.62NATO vs 308Winchester


Ever see 7.62 x 51 NATO on the shelf at a shop and wonder what the differences between it and 308 Win are? Click on this chart, to the left, to see the differences. Unlike the 223/556 rounds, the 7.62NATO rounds are less powerful than the 308 Win. Just a little factoid to start the day. … [Read more...]

Reloading Class July 25

NRA Reloading Class

We are offering the NRA Basic Metallic Cartridge Class on Saturday, July 25th. All materials will be provided. This is an 8 hour class that will give you an understanding of how to load both handgun and rifle cartridges. We have 9 people signed up currently and have room for 6 more people. If there is enough interest in reloading courses we will schedule more. Time 9 - 5:30 (30 minute break … [Read more...]

Remembering our first customer

Roy Garber

We want to send out a big thank you to all of our customers, but we were just thinking today about our very first customer, Roy Garber. Most people knew him from the show Shipping Wars on A&E, we miss his visits. Anybody need ammo? Contact us today … [Read more...]

How is Ammunition Made?


The ammo making process has several steps and safety measures that must be taken. Brass must be cleaned, polished, and inspected before loading. After the brass has been inspected, it is then run through our machine. First, a full length sizing of the brass is performed. Once the sizing is completed, the primer is seated in the primer pocket. Then an exact measurement of powder is added to the … [Read more...]